Blowing Cave
For Sale

Only $33,000 per share!

This cave has become famous for its mysterious wonders.


FROM 1:30 UNTIL 6:00 PM

TREASURE Hunters most sign agreement
BEFORE hunting!

Cave is one mile west of Cushman and 10 miles Northwest of Batesville, Arkansas

Message From The Owner

The Famous Blowing Cave Tract near Cushman Arkansas is famous for its alleged alien encounters with the “blue people”; it’s legitimate ties to the Jessie James gang and outlaw loot, and the still missing Confederate Gold; the fact that is a Native American archeological site of significant historical importance with literally thousands of Indian artifacts being found here and thousands more remaining. Also famous for the spring fed creek, coming from deep within the cave and rooms containing lakes and waterfalls. It’s a beautiful place full of spirits of the Native Americans who made this a home for over 9,000 years-locals swear they occasionally hear Indian drums coming from deep within the cave.

A beautiful timbered tract with huge oak, pecan, hickory and walnut and “hills and hollers”, it is only a mile west of Cushman General Store, 10 miles NW of Batesville with it’s college, hospitals, Wal-Mart, and modern airport capable of handling lear jets!

It’s a doomsday preppers dream-big enough to accommodate a couple of hundred people with unlimited fresh water and air, easily defendable and close to civilization…if Yellowstone blows, a nuclear war or accident, or a large meteorite hits you will wish you were part owner of this!

As the Broker and Owner of Wildlife Properties, I primarily sell Arkansas’ best duck and deer tracts but this tract is so unique I bought this for an investment and mainly for the “fun factor”.

It is for sale in its entirety or a limited number of shares in the Blowing Cave LLC…I haven’t made up my mind yet! LOL.

An additional adjoining 1000 acres of beautiful Ozark Mountain timber is available for a very reasonable price if desired.

Call me, Jim Miller, Broker-Owner on my cell 501-278-1865.

Want a nice large 4800 sq ft ranch style home & 17 acres to with the cave?

Only a mile away, would go great as a rental to the paranormal groups and grotto clubs who will be rent the cave! Cave & 40 acres $495,000... plus this hilltop home & 17 acres, an additional $295,000.

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